hiii just so you know there’s free worldwide shipping on society6 at the moment, plus i’ve got a couple of new designs available :)

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Anonymous said: hiii i hope you're okay with people reposting your writings bc i saw a person on instagram just posting all your writings without credit and yea um

no not really.. I mean I know it’s just my handwriting, and not an artwork, but still. where possible, I try to ask people to take reposts down, although it’s inevitable that people will repost things. sigh, but thanks for your consideration anon! 

the preatures at the metro! with emily auspiciousme

Anonymous said: oh oh ohh can you do harry sneezing as a doodle gif? idk anything you want to do tbh
Anonymous said: A good one for doodles (in my opinion) would be doing the one direction nabisco advert when Harry falls over and Zayn says 'whoospy daisy' so much love and cute and funny

aw yeah zayn’s lil accent, that was so cute :} 
i’ll see if I can get round to doing it soon! 
also if anyone has any doodle gif requests, i’m open for suggestions :)

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