Anonymous said: what other fandoms are you in?

i’m not really in other fandoms, but I do watch shows such as hannibal, orphan black, parks and rec, in the flesh, breaking bad. oh and I’ve started watching brooklyn nine nine and it’s GREAT
I also listen to artists including my chemical romance, bastille, daughter, fall out boy, the 1975, sam smith etc :)

Four Booklet

Anonymous said: fuck you and fuck haylor. and fuck you

okay. so please be mindful that this is my blog and I am going to post what makes me happy. I’m sorry my interests do not suit everyone’s. If you are unhappy with what I post, feel free to unfollow me, but there really is no point in sending negative asks like this. so please don’t.

so like I never really paid attention to haylor but then I heard out of the woods and i’m currently feeling A LOT? then this happened


probably best to just leave him to it

(because these photos will be the DEATH OF ME)

Anonymous said: i'm having trouble with drawing faces and hair, help?:)

hey :) umm I’m definitely not the best person to ask about drawing faces and hair, I’m still figuring all that out myself right now!
But what I can say is:
- start off by copying an existing picture. it’s better if they’re looking straight on 
- break the face down into basic shapes (it’s definitely not a standard way of drawing faces, but I taught myself to do this and it’s worked pretty well)


I can’t say much about drawing hair sorry, it’s definitely not one of my strengths.
Although here's a really useful tutorial by Nadia Cyrilliart on drawing faces. It’s in depth and has heaps of helpful hints! :)

Anonymous said: can you make skin colour palettes?

hm I’ve never made skin colour palettes before, so I’d rather practice making a few before I go about pretending like I know what I’m doing haha :}
But in the meantime, I’ve found a couple ones from the internet I thought were pretty useful: 






I hope these help! and once I’ve played around with making colour palettes I’ll see about posting my own some time :)

Anonymous said: Hello! Can you post a tutorial on those gifs with the hearts and all? :) love your work!

Here's one I made a while ago (using ps cs5) which can be found in my tutorial tag :) also thank you!! ♥︎

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 I just watched a small storm cloud cover the entire sky in about 3 minutes, followed by instant heavy rain sweeping from one end of the sky to the other until it was absolutely pouring. It was so amazing I’ve never seen a storm develop so quickly before!