Anonymous said: is it easier to draw using a tablet or on paper?

I’d say it’s definitely easier drawing on paper (imo) because you can see exactly where you’re drawing and there’s more sense of control
But tbh I really like both… It took me a while to get used to drawing on tablet but once I got the hang of it, it’s pretty easy :)

Anonymous said: how do you draw without lineart?:( is there a good tutorial or something?



whoa well i’m definitely not an expert (the real pro is rubycurls, who i’m pretty sure did a tutorial that is super good but i couldn’t find it sorry), but the way i do it is by using clipping masks! so when i drew this i started off with a sketch just like always (sketch separate layer from background!!! important!!!!)imagenew layer > placed it under the lines and colored harry (color doesn’t matter)(just don’t mess with opacity and stuff bc then ur gonna get trouble)imagemerge color + lines..image

new layer > right click and then create clipping maskimage

and now, everything you draw on layer 1 clips to the layer underneath!!! so you have the outlines without lines !!!! cool huh (why did i use red idk)(preferably use skin color for humans)image

also!!! you can clip more layers to the same layer to separate like skin and tattoos which is very nice (also i strongly recommend separating hair & skin as i’ve done below bc it makes your life a lot easier)image

this is a mess so if you have questions message me!!

this is basically it! clipping masks and all that. but if anon wants to see my messy tutorial on this too it’s right over here

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i have so much shit to do but let me just to do real quick




Anonymous said: Hiii c: Could you write 'That's why the lady is a tramp', please? Thank you!

sure thing, here you go :)

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Anonymous said: Getting a new tattoo in september reading, "let it go, this too shall pass." And I would love for you to write it for me! I appreciate your time. Thanks! :)

aw wow thank you :* here you go, hope it’s alright :)


What do you guys think of my coloured pastels? :O

Anonymous said: hi :) just wondering if you are going to post any new drawings soon?

um um I really want to but I’m so caught up with uni work atm :# hopefully I’ll get time to draw something soon!

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