Anonymous said: Hi, I would like to order a t-shirt from you but I have to pay with PayPal. I live in the Netherlands and Í was wondering if you knew if I have to pay extra in order for you to ship it to me? Thank you! X

Hm, I looked up the Society6 shipping conditions, and it did mention that international orders may require additional charges from the country’s customs office, but I’m really not too sure about the Netherlands, sorry :(

Would anyone else happen to know?

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Anonymous said: Hey do you mind linking to the interview your url is from? I remember that Harry says it but I don't remember the context! Wasn't it something gay-ish?

He says it at 1:55 in reference to Liam saying he (Liam) hadn’t written a song for a girl, but Louis saying he had.


crop top version of this shirt w nothing on underneath


oops I did a thing


Anonymous said: What would be your reaction if someone tells you they're gonna tattoo something you wrote on themselves?

Anonymous said: I think you've done this before, but could you write "Reality ruined my life." Pleeeeeaase? (:

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Anonymous said: ehi! could you write 'nothing can come between you and I'? thank you so much, love your blog!


Free Shipping + $5 off each item at Society6! :)